Medical Check-up-Program and Internal Medicine

Preventing disease is better than treating them. Regular medical-check up can protect from acquiring illnesses such as cancer of heart attack. Medical check-up once a year can save your live - and money.

The comprehensive medical check-up program of KMCO includes:

  • circumstantial examination and consultation by your personal doctor
  • electrocardiogram and stress exercise test
  • laboratory check including blood count, liver check, metabolic risk profiling (cholesterol and lipids, glucose testing with and without exposition, thyroid gland etc.)
  • abominal sonography
  • sonography of the heart (echocardiography)
  • vascular risk assessment by arterial sonography (duplex-sonography)
  • endoscopic cancer prevention in the lower intestinal tract (colonoscopy)
  • urological examination (with affiliated physicians)
  • gynecological examination

The program will be completed within 8 - 24 hours (if preparation is needed for endoscopic procedures 24h are calculated). At the end of the program your personal doctor will explain all the results in a circumstantial consultation. A letter in English will be send containing all the results.