Ketteler Medical-Clinic I - the philosophy

Quality of life is closely related to the conditions of health. More and more people on this globe recognise that preserving and restoring health can only be achieved by combining highest technical skills with compassionate care. Moreover, interdisciplinary medical teams are needed to offer high quality medical services, be it a medical check up or a high tech surgical procedure. And whatever conditions are to be treated it goes without saying that in the centre of all medical endeavours there is the respect for the person seeking help, medical care and advise.

Along with the general medical services for local patients Ketteler-Medical Clinic I together with the affiliated departments if the centre offers the follwong services:
There is the Medical Check-up Program (MCP), the well known Ketteler-Comprehensive-Cancer-Centre (KCCC) which consist of three units: the Medical Oncology Unit, the Gastrointestinal Cancer Unit specialised in the treatment of cancer of the liver, stomach, pancreas, gallbladder and bowel, and the Breast Cancer Unit where women suffering from gynecological tumours are treated. All diagnostic procedures necessary are offered as well as oncological surgery and treatments such as chemotherapy.
Furthermore there is the Ketteler-GI-Clinic (KGIC), where patients with diseases of the stomach, liver, pancreas, biliary system, the bowel and diabetes are seen.

Ketteler-Hospital´s staff has had the opportunity to gain intensive experiences in treating patients from all over the globe as the city itself is hosting people from more than 43 nations. More and more patients, especially from the Gulf, come to Offenbach for medical check-up and medical treatment as well. This holds true primarily for patients suffering from cancer, diseases of the liver, biliary duct-system and diabetes.