International Patient Information

Ketteler Medical-Clinic I - A welcome to the City and the Clinic

Ketteler-Medical-Centre is located in the midst of Germany close to Europe´s biggest continental airport in the heart of the multi-cultural city of Offenbach - neighbouring the commercial centre of the city of Frankfurt. In this prospering region many hospitals and clinics offer medical care at the highest standard. The city of Offenbach is separated from Frankfurt only by the river Main. And the twin cities are not not only a region of business people, rather, they are a centre of science and medical services as well. As the two cities grow together more closely it has become a common saying amongst travellers that Offenbach and Frankfurt are the ´commercial-medical-twins´ of Germany.

In this metropolitan area people from around the globe are gathered in a community as lively as nowhere else in the world. Business, scientific and cultural interests bring them together. You may meet the banking officer from Dubai as well as the science editor from Tokyo or the CEO from an international based company. And all are welcomed by the open minded local community of one of the most busiest areas in Germany and Europe.

That is the place where Ketteler-Medical-Centre Offenbach offers its services - a distinguished institution amongst the hospitals of the region.

Enjoy the hospitality of a multicultural region and have your medical check-up. Do your business in the ´commercial-medical-twins` in the very heart of Europe and Germany while you or your family members receive medical care at highest level in the KMCO. And not to forget, take a break in your busy life and come and see the natural landscapes nearby and try the exquisiteness of the local and international cuisine.

Stephan Sahm, MD, PhD
Medical Director of Medical Clinic I