General services

In the hospital you will find a staff that may translate from Arab, Thai and English.

A circumstantial letter in English will be prepared for all persons and patients containing all relevant information about the course and findings during the stay in the hospital.

How to pay
Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AmEx) and traveller cheques are accepted. The prices are calculated according to the German governmental list of prices for medical services. An additional factor is introduced taking into account the time and expenditure for the care for patients from abroad.
If patients receive an in-hospital treatment the costs will consist of the official amount for the diagnosis related group (DRG) and the specific medical services as is given by the German govwernmental list (as mentioned before).
A preliminary calculation of the costs for medical diagnostic and therapeutic procedures will be given on request. Please keep in mind, in case of severe illness it may be difficult to calculate the expenditures in advance.